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What Does This Mean to Me, Laura?

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Polar bears, Che Guevara and porn

4th May 2009

(Eric Jordan did an update to his first “Webmaster” vignette, and I’m posting it here for collective enjoyment.  Thanks, Eric!)

Web Master 1.1
(I had enough fun with the first one, I decided to upgrade!)

The Programmer approached the Web Master in his cubicle once again. “Web Master, please help me. I am trying to select graphics for this new page. I want it to look cool.”

The Web Master quickly clicked over to his Photos directory, and brought up a picture of a winter storm, a polar bear, and a refrigerator.

The Programmer twitched in his chair, slightly. “No, Web Master, you do not understand. I want this page to look radical.”

The Web Master nodded, and brought up pictures of Che Guevara and rioting students.

“Forgive me, Web Master, but I have not been clear. I want to draw lots of visitors to this page.”

The Web Master ahhed softly, and turned to the Web Browser. He found a porn site.

Seeing the expression on the Programmer’s face, the Web Master said, “It is you who must forgive me, for I have erred. First, I should have asked: who is your audience?”

And the Programmer was Enlightened.