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What Does This Mean to Me, Laura?

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Is working from home too quiet for you? Three tools to help

4th May 2020

I’ve been WFH (Working From Home) almost entirely since 2008. I probably see my coworkers IRL (In Real Life) less than once per month. Don’t get me wrong–I actually have great coworkers. But, as many people are discovering, a good number of us telecommuters are actually more productive when we’re not constantly interrupted.

However, even I will sometimes admit that things can get just a little too quiet. Granted, if you’ve got kids or family trapped in the house with you right now, that might not be one of your problems. For myself, I find music to be far too distracting to use as ambient sound on a regular basis. That’s where services like the ones below come into play.

  • I Miss the Office: This site literally attempts to recreate the sounds of a stereotypical office workplace. You can even set the number of “colleagues” to have around you, and add in specific sounds, such as the photocopier, to better re-create what you’re accustomed to hearing at work.
  • Coffitivity: Chances are good that your local coffee shop is closed during the pandemic lockdown. However, this site can still give you the Starbucks ambiance. Not only that, it has a “Cafe Library,” which gives you a choice of different types of coffee shops to which you can listen.
  • Harry Potter and Hogwarts Sounds: If you’re a Potter fan, you can enjoy the sounds of each of the four Hogwarts common rooms, in addition to Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts Library, Diagon Alley and many more sounds of the HP universe.

These are just three ambient sound tools you can fine online; there are many more, hiding around virtual corners. Please share your finds in the comments!