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What Does This Mean to Me, Laura?

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Link roundup: things your library should be paying attention to right now

21st April 2015

I’ve only listed the three I think are most important right now, because we all get overwhelmed. Fill up on caffeine and get reading, folks.

  1. Does Google Think Your Library is Mobile Friendly? If you ignore everything else in today’s post, that’s fine. This one is critical. Too many libraries don’t have websites that are really usable with mobile devices, and they’re about to start paying for that. Today. (April 21, 2015.)
  2. 7 Reasons Your Content Fails to Resonate with Millenials  Libraries are just barely starting to understand that content strategy and marketing is a must, and the next step after starting to use social media. Millenials are likely a large part of your online audience, so this article can help you figure out how to improve your library’s efforts with this demographic.
  3. Why Twitter’s New Product “Curator” Could Save Social Marketers Hours There hasn’t been as much news about this new feature as I would have expected, but I think it’s one that libraries may want to start looking at. Think of a Pinterest board, but for Twitter and Vine.

A shorty but a goody today. Anything new (ish) that libraries should be paying attention to, but aren’t? Post it in the comments.